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Frequently Asked Questions about UV Water Filtration

How often should you replace your filters

  • Filters need regular replacement every six to twelve months.

  • You will notice the water flow slowing down or becoming murky and darker in colour.

  • Pressure gauges are supplied before and after the filters to indicate if they may require replacement.

How often should you replace your UV lamps

  • UV lamps need to be replaced every 12 months (or after 9000 hours of continued use)

  • The output of all UV-C lamps decreases by about 15% a year. They may still continue to shine, but they will not be as effective in killing the bugs

Can I install my UV water filtration system myself

We recommend using a certified plumber to install your system

Can I locate the UV water filtration system outside

No. The UV unit contains sensitive electronics that are not waterproof. The unit needs to be installed indoors or undercover.

Can I replace my water filter cartridges myself

Yes, it is quite straight forward. See here for installation instructions 

Do the filters remove fluoride

No. The filters do not remove fluoride

Tell me more about how UV water treatment works

What do chemicals do carbon filters remove

See attached for more on what carbon filters remove


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