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UV Water Treatment for
Rural Properties

Rural Water Filtration

If you live on a rural property, relying on a tank or bore, and would like clean, safe water for your family, friends, pets and livestock, Arctica Pure Water can help.

Arctica Pure Water manufactures a range of filtration systems, which are built in New Zealand and distributed nationwide and throughout the Pacific at an affordable cost.

All products ordered through Arctica Pure Water come with a comprehensive warranty.

For an efficient and reasonably priced solution to unsafe water, contact Arctica Pure Water to discuss your options for rural water filtration.

How our rural water filtration system works

Our water filter systems work naturally, using filters to remove leaves or soil that have entered the water, and Ultraviolet light to kill off any bacteria. No need to worry about adding chemicals to your system.

For rural properties we generally recommend to use a 4 stage filtration system:

Coarse Water Filter

Stage 1:
Coarse Filtration

This is where larger particles of dirt, decaying leaves, rust and scale are captured.

Fine Water Filter

Stage 2:

This puts a stop to the smaller particles and further removes rust, sand and silt.

Activated Carbon removes undesirable chemicals

Stage 3: Activated Carbon

This is called a CTO filter Chlorine, Taste and Odour. It removes a wide range of undesirable chemicals such as Chlorine, while retaining most of the healthy minerals. See here for more details on what carbon filters remove.

UV lamp kills bacteria

Stage 4: Ultraviolet Filtration

The water passes through a stainless steel reactor which contains a germicidal UV lamp. The UV light kills up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms including viruses, bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, algae and fungi. See here to understand more about UV Water Treatment.

Chickens on a lifestyle block

UV water filtration systems for rural homes

Using Arctica Pure Water UV water filters on your farm or lifestyle block is a cost-effective method to get clean, safe, great tasting water.

These water filter systems work naturally by using UV rays to kill off bacteria without having to add chemicals like chlorine to your system.

If you live in a rural location and rely on tank water or bore water, a UV water purification system can keep your water safe and improve the taste by filtering chemicals like chlorine from the water.

UV water treatment systems are simple to install and can be used as a water filter for the whole house, even if you use a lot of water.

Replacement UV tubes and filters are readily available at affordable prices, making UV one of the best home water filtration and purification systems on the market.

We manufacture a range of Ultra Violet water filtration systems for both mains water, plus rural supplies from tanks, bores, or streams, as well as for small community water programs.


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