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Water Filter - no UV


Ideal for cleaning up your mains water supply 

  • removes up to 95% of chlorine 
  • removes sediment - you'd be surprised at how much is in your tap water

We use a 3 stage filtration system:

Stage 1: Coarse filtration - this is where larger particles of dirt, decaying leaves, rust and scale are captured.

Stage 2: Fine filtration - this puts a stop to the smaller particles and further removes rust, sand and silt.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon - this is called a CTO filter Chlorine, Taste and Odour. It removes a wide range of undesirable chemicals such as Chlorine, while retaining most of the healthy minerals. (see here for more detail on what carbon filter remove)


  • Fully built on a backboard. Just pipe up, plug in, and go. 
  • 2x pressure gauges to easily monitor when the filters are clogging up and need replacing
  • Inlet and outlet valves to easily isolate the system for maintenance
  • 20 inch standard filters 20 micron pre-filter, 5 micron pre-filter, 2 micron carbon block filter (other filter combinations are available on request) 
  • 3/4 inch (20mm) ports
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